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A Life in a Day of a student: Easy like Sunday morning when you love what you do

Notes from Tutor Simon Hinde: This is a good, well-written profile. You basically abandon the chronology format once she gets to work, though. You need to have a couple of time points in there: eg at 1,we break for lunch, I usually have a salad- or the shop shuts at 5 and I leave for home. Continue reading

Features / London / Media Convergence / Practical exercises / Student Life / Writing exercises

Bad things about living in London… (From a student’s perspective)!

It is often said that “one who is tired of London is tired of life”. Well, you just have to look into the face of a Londoner during morning rush hour to see that a lot of people living here are tired of life! We asked four journalist students to vent some of their frustrations … Continue reading