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iSee: Friends beyond Brazil


It’s almost about a year since I met Dionisis in Rio de Janeiro a few days after arriving in Brazil. When I offered to help out my Brazilian friend, Patricia, by going to work with her to clean an apartment in upscale Copacabana, little did I know I would meet someone I would be calling one of my best friends! (Check out Maid in Rio for more about my day as a maid!)

Dionisis is a video editor and he has an unusual interest in African and African diaspora religion (check out my interview with him: From Candomblé to Voudun… these are a few if his favourite things).

When Dionisis came to London last month, there was no way he was going to leave with us meeting up! I love it when a friendship grows beyond meeting someone during your travels. We hangout in Little Italy, Soho (sorry but it was a last minute choice… And free entry)!

So now I have accommodation sorted if I decide to visit Brazil for the World Cup… I just need to work on getting a ticket there!

Find out more about my 3 month stay in Brazil by checking out my travel blog Travel Making Kai

Here’s me with Dionisis during his visit to London… Still friend beyond Brazil!



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