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Blazin’ Blazers must haves

Add some smart to your wardrobe

I popped into H&M on Oxford Street this afternoon to take a break from essay writing (more like essay procrastinating) and to take up the 20% student discount on offer in stores this weekend. Whereas I pride myself in being a disciplined ‘fiddle-free’ shopper – pop in for what I need and I’m out with just that, this visit was an exception.

My eye caught the neat rack of hanging blazers. Now, I have a weakness for the instant transformation Blazers offer from ‘casual to smart casual’ – it’s almost magical! And with that discount, they looked so much more appealing I couldn’t even decide on a colour! So I headed to the fitting room to check out three colours from a different perspective!


The cream adds a light spring-like look.


Fun in strips!

The plain black blazer is the winner.

The plain black blazer is the winner!

Like the headwrap? Look out for my post on wrapping it up!

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