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Fashion Fix: Great shot! Cheers to the Birthday boy!


Great shot!

It’s not often I get to go out with my older cousins – well, I grew up with them in the same house so technically they’re my brothers (thats the African mentality)! However when my brother James gave me the “save the date” weeks ago to celebrate his birthday over the weekend, I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to step out with my boys… Even if it meant going straight to the club after a long day at the NUS Black Students Conference on Saturday.

Here are a few great shots from the night at Under Solo bar in Camden Town… The shots kept rolling in but thankfully it didn’t leave a dent my pocket (the beauty of hanging out with my cousins – I get to save some money)!

Cheers to what was a great weekend and the Birthday boy, my special cousin James!!

Dress: ASOS Make up: MAC Lipstick: Sleek – smoother Purse: H&M





I won’t always have my cousins foot the bill, so please share your suggestions for cheap student-friendly nights out!
Thanks x


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