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The World is your Oyster… On a bus!

Make a pledge to get this oyster card holder...

Make a pledge to get this oyster card holder…

Take a double-decker bus + oyster. What comes to mind? 

Ben and Ed think: “Bloody Oyster” (Like the rest of us Londoners do – Huuraah!). So they’ve started a campaign!

If you’ve ever said (or indeed mumbled) those words before, a familiar scenario might come to mind… The dreaded moment when you tap your Oyster card onto the reader and it responds with a double deep loud enough for the whole bus to know you have insufficient funds. And gone are the days when there was chance of an empathetic driver who lets you through anyway when you explain you “topped it up the over day!” (ah, the good old days when bus drivers had a soul)! So you exit the bus baffled… Queue in: “Bloody Oyster!”

The only thing Ben and Ed have in common with this scenario however is; a double-decker bus and insufficient funds. The oyster they have in mind is the one you eat. So now that your excitement has diminished knowing this isn’t a campaign to lower transport costs, you may as well carry on reading just to indulge these guys in their expensive tastes. After all, us students are great at pushing a campaign!

So just what is this Bloody Oyster then? Are oysters in danger of becoming extinct? Is it a campaign to make oysters affordable to everyone (though it might be lost on students, but hey, equality right)?

“Serving an extraordinary experience on a double-decker bus: Bringing back the humble oyster and discovering everyone’s ‘perfect’ Bloody Mary.”

Well us students are always up for an extraordinary experience (and a good knees up mind you)! But frankly I would never have put ‘humble’ and ‘oyster’ in one sentence… But I mean what do I know? I’m just a humble student trying to get an eduction, still using humble means of transportation.

They only need just over £20,000 to buy a double-decker bus (!) which they’ll transform into The Bloody Oyster

“A fully mobile Oyster, Bloody Mary and Cocktail bar, available for events and private hire, as well as (hopefully) having a pop up residency in London.”

Wow sounds great – just what Londoners need to lift our spirits in a recession! Amongst all the cuts and austerity students face (and Londoners in general of course); costs of living on a rise, campaigning against student loans being sold off, campaigning against students Halls being privatised… The list goes on really, yes I probably could do with a good Bloody Mary after all that (not so sure about the oysters though)!

On a serious note, I’ve got to admire these lads. They’re fighting to make their dreams a reality – any student can relate to that! The moral of the story therefore is that the world really is your oyster if you campaign for what you believe in. So students what are you waiting for? Join your SU or check out NUS (National Union of Students) and support their campaigns!

So Ben and Ed  only have two days to reach their target of £21, 875 (!) – I’m a student – anything more than £8k sounds like a lot of money to me, or they won’t get any of the funds raised.

Unfortunately guys, the only oyster I can afford to spare any funds to is my Oyster Card… But I’d pledge £1.40 if I can get a ride to my lecture on time 😉

Can I get a ride on The Bloody Oyster?

Can I get a ride on The Bloody Oyster?

Check out Bed and Ed’s video below and click here to read more about their campaign. Pledges have to be made by the 5th December.

Good luck boys!



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