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Get your monies worth dining out

You’ll be far fetched to find decent cheap eats in Central London… Even classic fish and chips aren’t so cheap any more. So unless you’re happy to settle for greasy fried chicken and chips from a dodgy takeaway shop (we may be poor students, but our bodies should be rich with nutrients), here are a few tips to getting the most of your dining out experience in a restaurant… And getting your monies worth!

Order a side. They’re sometimes less than half the price of a main. You can order a couple of sides to create a meal. However dont get carried away… it all adds up! And ask for extra bread for your soups to fill you up (check that it’s complimentary. Some restaurants actually charge for bread now – since when?!)

Unlimited is the way. Some restaurants have unlimited salad bar, or unlimited drink refills. Enough said!

Quirky give always. Take up any opportunity to get a free meal. You’re a student therefore you have nothing to lose! Chipotle (UK restaurants only) are giving free burritos to anyone wearing a cheesy chritmas jumper this December (Saturdays only between 4-6pm). Digg out that hideous jumper your Aunty gave you for Christmas last year, and bag yourself a free meal!

Sharing is caring. Sharing doesn’t have to be saved for the dessert (though it’s half the calories that way). Why not show you really care by sharing your main meal too?… Means you’ll only pay half price!

Look out for more dining out monies worth tips! Please feel free to share yours!



Chipotle restaurants in Charing Cross Road and Soho (London, UK). Don’t forgot to get a free burrito this weekend… Just wear a cheesy Christmas jumper!


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