Media Convergence / Practical exercises

Boris Bike to Uni Convergence practice (plus EFed notes)

A quick edit for my Convergence class today. A practice at how to use pictures and audio. I actually enjoyed this lesson (until, skip to EFed student’s notes).

– I recorded on an iPhone and edited the recording in Adobe Audition and saved it as a compressed file (.mp3)
– I then opened the mp3 audio in iMovie
– I dragged the pictures I wanted to use onto iMovie and arranged them
– Then I added music

This is my journey into uni this morning using a Boris Bike. I’ll do a final proper one and post it up soon!

The EFed student’s note: Note that this is the class which I had a disagreement with the teacher LJ. As much I respect her for being knowledgeable in creating blogs, I find her extremely patronising. She expects us to know so much when what I expect from her is to teach without such an attitude.  I’ve never brought it up as I decided I’m not here to like the teacher. If I can get through two hours of her class, I don’t have to see her again for another week, was my thought. However today, ironically being the last day of term for Convergence, I couldn’t stay silent any longer. She gave the class 15  minutes to have our slideshow presentation ready. When I needed help she wasn’t in the room. I noticed she was in Russell’s office (Senior Lecturer) sitting having a chat with him. The door was open so I walked over and said I needed her help. I had to go twice! She was so engrossed in her conversation with Russell she obviously didn’t think me needing help was that important, considering she had given us limited time.
When she finally came over to me after 10 minutes, I put my hand up and said I needed help. She huffed and said “What is it?!” But with an attitude, you know. I don’t think I’m the most sensitive person, but you don’t want to be talking to me with an attitude constantly and not expect me to bring it up.
So I said nicely “LJ, I respect that you’re good at what you do, but I don’t appreciate the way you talk to me. It’s very patronising.”
To cut a long story short, what really got me fuming was that she said I had missed some classes so no wonder I don’t know how to do the work (she still didn’t know what I needed the help for). I responded that, regardless of whether I was in class when this was taught or not, if there is something I don’t understand I will ask her 10x until I do. This stuff we are learning is pretty technical. We get no handouts. She teaches off the cuff so of course there will be times when we need a recap.
Russell walked in and ushered me to his office. His attitude was also disgusting. Telling me that I was “confrontational” with her, and while talking to him I was coming off as “aggressive”. Typical. I will be making a formal complaint about her, and Russell whose attitude towards the matter I was dissatisfied with.

Students’ Union office first thing tomorrow morning! I’m paying too much money to be intimidated by staff who are obviously taking their frustrations out on me!

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