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iSee: My journey to Uni with the Boris Bike

This morning I decided as it’s the last week of term before I break up for Christmas, in fact, for the year (it’s come so quick right?), I should let you experience my Boris Bike cycle journey into university by taking some pictures along my route.

I’ve been using the Boris Bike (official name is Barclay’s Cycle Hire) since the beginning of term in October. I chose this method of transportation to uni because it’s cheap (for London anyway) – costing me just £2 for 24hr hire. Each 30 minutes is free, and as it takes me only 20 – 25 minutes to cycle into uni I don’t have to worry about extra charges. Not bad ey?!… But of course the Oyster card is still handy for those rainy (and in deed, lazy) days.

I have to be very vigilant when I cycle! I’m up against everyone and everything: the buses, the black cabbies, other cyclists (the cools ones that whizz through traffic and can balance on their bike through a whole red light) and the of course faithful pedestrians! Then there are the pot holes I have to watch out for on the street. Overall, it’s been a good term using these bikes. I should invest in a key (extra £3 – ugh!) so I don’t have to keep taking my card out and pinning in codes!

Here are some random shots of my journey from Soho Square into Elephant and Castle.

Look out for a video of this journey next term… Once I figure out how to attach my iPhone onto the bike. Might get a little bumpy!!



















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