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iEat: Paris in Soho, Cafe Gourmand

A taste of Paris in Soho...

A taste of Paris in Soho…

A piece of Paris in Soho in this cosy restaurant… so cozy you might be squeezed beside the kissing couple. First time daters might want to hold on to this one for their second or third date. The romance in here can be contagious… if not intimidating.

Nether-the-less, for a taste of Paris, the ambiance worked for me even if my French Onion didn’t (however the melted cheese on toast was divine).

pot of mussels for two
For her: French onion soup (technically a starter but, hello, student here!)
For him: Gerry had the Beef Bouillon (he said it was good).






Kissing in restaurants… Cute or cheesy? I had no other choice but to put up with it! Leave your comments below 🙂

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