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Crossing borders… Egypt to Israel in pictures


I’m currently on the bus to Tel Aviv which means I crossed the border from Taba Egypt into Eilat Israel – surreal!

My welcome to Israel is sitting for 5hrs next to a young traveller who smells like he hasn’t washed for a few days! The plus side is there’s free wifi on the bus… We can’t have it all!

Cairo to Tel Aviv can be done in a day (approx 15hrs travel time by bus) which is great news for as I’m not only short for time, but I’d rather not waste money on accommodation for over night stays – I’m a student on a tight budget!

I got the 9.30am East Delta bus from Cairo (I was actually 15 minutes late due to traffic! But the East Delta staff were so nice they put me on one of their buses going to the next station which arrived faster than my bus did).

I arrived in Taba around 5pm or so. It’s a short 6-10minute walk from the Taba bus station to the border.

From Eilat border, I took the bus to the bus station (4.75 NIS). Bare in mind Israel is a lot more expensive than Egypt. I’ve only just arrived yet I feel like I’ve been ripped off – from the packet of Doritos to the price of the taxi!

Security at both ends was tight but polite. I was really sad to be leaving Egypt. The Egyptian people have an innocent kindness that is often lost in the developed world, so i noticed the a big difference in attitudes between borders straight away. The customer service at Israel immigration was also nice (I wasn’t hassled about why I was visiting as much as I thought I would be), though I know which side I thought was more genuine. Look out for my post for more of my observations from both sides of the border.

In the mean time, here’s my border crossing journey in pictures; my journey from Cairo this morning through Sinai desert to Taba into the resort town, Eilat. Taba actually looks really cool! Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to be back and explore this area. (I’ll add captions once I’m at a computer. For now I just need to upload them up while I have wifi!).















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