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Micky says “Always ask for a receipt!”


I should be feeling smug and confident this morning that I’ve travelled roads and crossed borders that many could only dream of…

Except my confidence has been crushed because of one simple action I didn’t take. I didn’t ask for a receipt from the taxi driver who drove me from the Central bus station to my Micky’s house in the early hours of the morning.

I knew I was being ripped off when he called the price, “85 NIS”. My first response was that it was almost as much as the bus fare from Eilat to Tel Aviv! But it was after midnight and I was tired so that obviously hindered my street wise skills! I even asked him if he’d use a metre, and he said it would be more with it. I should have known from his attitude that he was bluffing.

Anyway, the most important thing is that I got here safely.

This morning I asked my friend Micky how much the taxi should have charged and she said maximum 40 NIS. I got over charged by almost £10! That’s a hard blow considering he did nothing to deserve that huge “tip”.

Micky’s advice is to always ask for a receipt. She said if I had got a receipt she could have taken it up with the taxi company.

Anyway, we live and we learn. It’s a big lesson for a student on a tight budget to get ripped of by an arrogant taxi driver with an attitude.

Travellers will always get ripped off at some stage, but at least ask for a receipt as proof! Take Micky’s advice!

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