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The “other” couchsurfing meeting – Tel Aviv

I attended a couchsurfing meeting on Thursday. The “other” couchsurfing meeting was set up as an alternative to the regular meeting which I’m told is held at a venue where the food and drink is pricer – or maybe it’s just another excuse to host a meeting in a low key trendy venue!
This cool second hand book store located on 19 King George Street, with a small seating area an the back made a lovely backdrop for out meeting.
Unfortunately the regular organisers didn’t show up, and the CS local representative was in and out as though our company wasn’t good enough! Anyway, we made the most out of our own company 🙂 And the lentil soup I ordered was very warning so I’m not complaining!




I met Miriam from Portugal who lives and volunteers in Romania… Look out for her tips about why it’s better to travel with a back pack!

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