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#throwback Crossing borders: Dominican Republic to Haiti journey

2013 has been like any other year – I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. However the ups will always be the times I’ve learnt something new outside of the lecture room (or at least put the lecture into practice – I have to give my university some credit I suppose).

As a student journalist, one of my passions is travel. Despite my course being very Eurocentric news and print orientated, I try to use my term breaks to venture into the real world and observe places I am curious about. This has been my prominent prescription for overcoming being “EFed” – Educationally Frustrated! My travels are a playground for trial and error, experimenting with photography, video and editing – without fear of being marked by the subjective judgement of an exam board.

I am a believer in the “just do it” slogan (thanks Nike) and more often than not, I try not to let anything hinder my ambition – not even lack of money (look out for my post on travelling on a student budget).

Crossing the Egypt/Israel border earlier this week, was as much a mile stone achievement for me as was crossing the Dominican Republic/Haiti border over the summer. I’ve taken opportunities that so many can only dream of having. And I did it all on my own accord – no funding, no sponsorship, no commission, just my willpower and need to know for myself. Each border crossing has humbled me, making me realise the extend of my privilege to be able to cross due to my courage, ambition, curiosity and lets face it – my little red book!

I’d like to share with you a short video of my journey from The Dominican Republic into Haiti. I filmed and edited on my iphone (I’m also a believer in using what you have to tell story!)

You can find out more about my experience in The Dominican Republic and Haiti on my travel blog Travel Making Kai. My other border crossings are Ghana-Togo (which I did with a motorbike! Find out more on my travel blog).

Look out for posts on my next border crossing which will be Israel – Jordan… And of course I will bring you more iSee shots courtesy of my iphone (RIP my Nikon DSLR).

Please share links to your travel adventures of 2013!


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