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Couchsurfing with Matan in Jerusalem!


My couchsurf host Matan spontaneously suggested we try hitch hiking when I told him I had never done it before!… At 3am outside his home; it was cold, erry and not a single car passed by in the 15 minutes we waited! At least I can say I tried hitchhiking thanks to the efforts of my host!

Ah, and did I mention we had just met a few hours prior!

Carpe Diem as is etched on his desk.


On friday I arrived in Jerusalem where Matan lives. He kindly hosted me for a night, or until I got in touch with the friends I was to be travelling with (thats another story). It goes eithout saying our common interest is travel and the philosophy of couchsurfing hospitality! We both host couchsurfers (and couchsurf), and we’re both 28 year old students. Matan explained that in Israel it is normal to start university in your twenties. After the army, most young people in Israel work or go travelling before going to university. So on average young people start university at 22/23 years. Unlike the UK where the age for entering Higher Education is normally 18/19 years. Matan started his course at 25, roughly the same age I decided to go back into education. Another thing we have in common is we both live independently from our parents. However what we don’t have in common, amongst others things, is our taste in music!

Matan shared some recommendations for music and general (knowledge, according to him) things for me to check out. I took notes as though I was in the lecture room!… I don’t want to experience the awkward “Seriously, you don’t know?!” from him again if I can help it!

So I thought I’d share my (rough) notes with you… How many of these points have you heard of?

Matisyahu- musician and name of the Hebrew rebellion

Neil Young – heart of gold

Eddie Vedder – Society

Pearl jam
Sixto Rodriguez – sugar man
(Taberine song code for drugs)

Searching for Sugarman – documentary

IMDB – movie website – movie download site

John Dener – country roads

Yehuda Ledgley – quadrophonic sound/ fortune tape record without the record companies, Elliot Smith used this method.

Elliot Smith – American singer/songwriter – Roman candle

Natan Galili – gotta get out – a friend of Matan! His voice sounds so old skool I thought it was someone famous from the 70’s!

Band Campbsite to buy CD’d

Ak-ra-ma-we – hummous and falafel Damacus gate

Look out for my post on how Matan transformed me into a traveller with one simple action… Can you guess what?

Ladies, always be cautious when couchsurfing with males… Go with your gut instinct, check his referenced and remember – if you’re not comfortable DON’T STAY!

Happy and safe surfing!

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