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Transforming into a backpacker!



Couchsurfers Matan (a student from Jerusalem) and Miriam (a volunteer living in Romania) were on hand to help me on “mission travel light“. The experienced travellers (and backpackers of course) convinced me that could travel even lighter than I thought! The first thing that had to go was my suitcase! Especially since I’ll be travelling through the Jordanian desert after Christmas with my friend Edrin and his two work colleagues who I met up with later that night to begin travelling with.

Matan was kind enough to lend me his backpack which meant I could leave behind my lovely green 4 wheeler suitcase for now and complete mission “travel light” with a backpack!




Matan gives me tips on travelling light which includes swapping a regular towel for a travel towel. Makes perfect sense!


It will take some time for me to get used to backpacking… It usually packs my back in! Anyway, this is a great opportunity to look like a real traveller 🙂

Thank for making a traveller out of me Matan and Miriam! Lets see how long I last without my beloved suitcase!

Important lesson – pack what you need, not what you want!

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