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A status from Lebanon…


This morning I followed a routine similar to one many of us are used to. Before (or for some, after) being thankful to God, I checked my phone for notification on what’s happening in the world of Facebook.

Today however was unlike any other. I was tagged in a status of a Facebook friend from Lebanon who I’d met just once in London through a mutual friend. I gained this tag because I’m in a territory believed to be of “the enemy”. He expressed the harsh reality of his real world outside everybody else’s Facebook false facade of happiness. His words have resonated with me all day…

In the West, conflict, particularly in the Middle East has become part and parcel of our foreign news, that we’re becoming insensitive towards it.

I hate politics and I hate war. However I’ll always be a curious being, and sometimes I prefer to see things for myself rather than relying on what the media has to tell me. Israel happens to be one of those places have have been curious about for a long time.

I was saddened to learn that someone I know, even if we only met once, has to face the brutal reality of being within a conflict zone.

I can only continuing to pray for peace in The Middle East and spread awareness from a neutral perspective…

What can be done to help Lebanon?

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