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iSee: Pre New Years Eve fireworks in Eilat



We sat as an international group of couchsurfers in Aroma coffee in Eilat when the loud bangs drove us outside. The pre NYE fireworks had started. An American woman commented; “at least they’re not missiles…

It’s rare and almost strange to hear such a comment that’s so close to someone else’s reality in the Middle East. I couldn’t help but be thankful they were not missiles, of course! I’ve noticed people here in Israel are in their own bubble and seem to avoid the reality that they are in the in the middle of a conflict zone.

Anyway, the Pre New Years fireworks were beautiful!

They don’t compare to my NYE last year on Copacabana beach however! Some memories will have a huge place in my heart…

Above: our international couchsurf group. Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Belgium and UK!

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