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Oh what a night… In Eilat!


Above: Group picture with the three monkeys…

I’m not a fan of resort towns, but we’re here in Eilat for a few days before we cross the border into Egypt for New Years Eve.

I had a great night out last night because I was with great company – people I met through couchsurfing (we met Michael at the bus station in Jerusalem and he happens to also be a couchsurfer)! From salsa at Mike’s Place (our host Liran is a very good salsa dancer), to live music from Everyday People at the Three Monkeys, to the exhilarating fire ball experience at 2am! The final plateau was getting tickets to a private rave at the Dolphin Reefs. And it was all done on a healthy student budget – I didn’t spend a penny! A night to remember from Eilat!










Look out for the video of my fireball experience… Have you tried this ride before?

2 thoughts on “Oh what a night… In Eilat!

    • I probably wouldn’t have gone on the fireball had i not been offered a go for free… It always pays to be nice. That was one “high” of my stay in Eilat!

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