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iSee: Refocus on the bigger picture

I woke up early this morning to a beautiful view of the Red Sea in the distance… Yet I couldn’t help notice the dirty staines on the window I looked through. I was foced on this instead of appreciating the view in front of me (more wondering the best method for cleaning windows on the 6th floor)!

It then occurred to me how symbolic of my life that is; focusing on minal details that aren’t relevant to the full picture.

Something has to change!

I can either spend all my time focusing on the negative obstacles in my life that frustrate me, or I can see the bigger picture; how beautiful life is and start appreciating it (and my opportunities) more.

It doesn’t mean that the window no longer needs a good clean just because I can see though it – it does! However it’s only when I stop noticing the distributive detail that I’ll see the true beauty of life. I need to refocus and see the bigger picture…

Life is what you make of it!

Above: Refocusing to see the scene more clearly…

And there couldn’t be a more perfect time for adapting a healthy mentality on viewing life (particularly my student life in the lecture room) than on New Year’s Eve!

I might have my frustrations about being a student now, but the end picture should be a brighter one when I get that degree!

That’s my bigger picture anyway, and I’m staying focused on it!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Refocusing for 2014!

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