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Leaving Sinai…


My trip started in the Sinai when I arrived in Shar El Sheikh last month. From there I took a bus to Cairo, after which I took a bus through the Sinai desert to Taba. I remember gazing out of the window admiring the desert, unaware of how dangerous this place is considered to be in the West.

Yet I choose to return to get a real Sinai desert experience for the New Year this time staying in Yasmina Camp in Nuweiba!

Overall it’s been an amazing experience spending New Year’s in the Sinai desert… Despite all we’d been told about it being unsafe, I followed my gut instincts and gained a unique experience, thanks to my Egyptian friends Rashwan and Karim, and of course the Bedouins for welcoming us.

There were many memorable moments and one of my highlights were feeling a connection to the stars (they looked so close I was truly hypnotised by them!), and the low point was realising that some people’s energies are too overpowering for me! I became very quiet and distant (almost in a state of meditation) because I was preserving the little energy I had from being sucked away by some strong personalities! I’m going to research more into this as I’m sure there’s a suitable theory out there for me.

Goodbye Sinai… Thanks for the experience!





Me and Miriam patiently waited for our 3.30pm bus to Taba (which was either late, or never arrived). A mini bus stopped for us as we payed 20 Egyptian pounds to get to Taba. From there we crossed the border back into Israel… Our journey continues!

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