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Nuweiba chilled out camp life…



When we got off the bus in Nuweiba it was pitch dark. If we hadn’t met some holiday-makers from Cairo going to a nearby camp I’m not sure how we would have made it to ours! The SInai desert night provided very little light for us to see anything let alone guide us to our camp.

The beauty of such a rural area meant that the stars look brighter and nearer than I’d ever seen them before. It was truly spectacular. And thankfully, the same scene with the sun shinning the next day was also a pleasant surprise!

Nuweiba is simply a beautiful place to visit. The chilled out camp life appeals to a city girl like myself… I could get used to this life if I didn’t need to be back to the lecture room next week!













We stayed at Yasmina camp in a tent we helped build with Rashwan and Karim… My first adult camping experience!

8 thoughts on “Nuweiba chilled out camp life…

    • Oh I highly recommend visiting. I’ve never seen stars so near and so clear than in the desert sky!

      Of course there’s the whole safety issue. I didn’t feel unsafe at all while I was out there (on this occasion, not alone thank goodnes) with some local and foreign friends being hosted by Bedouin (we even slept in a tent)! However when I got back and a friend told me he had been kidnapped while out there, it hit me how you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time…

      • Wow that’s incredible. Yeah absolutely, it could just happen to anyone! I’m in Buenos Aires at the moment and feel very safe but you’ve always got to keep your wits about you.

      • Oh Buenos Aires! I have a love-hate relationship with that city! I was there exactly 1 year ago… Lets just say I got a culture shock!… For such a developed city, I was made to feel like an animal who had escaped from a zoo! I wish I had prepared myself for such reactions from Porteños towards seeing a Black girl walking alone! I didn’t even get such reactions in places like Amman. *sigh*
        But I did have a much better time towards the end of my stay, but the first few days were tough!… What’s the big deal about a black girl travelling alone? I don’t get it lol!

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