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New Years Resolution: Be the change you want to see!

SUARTS poster in LCC

SUARTS poster in LCC: Lack of diverse representation in SUARTS

A new week, new term and most exciting – a NEW YEAR!

I’m motivated to create a new opportunity to bring positive change into my student life… But how?

With a New Year’s resolution I can actually keep!

I’m not going to let the pressure of sticking to a New Year’s resolution for a whole year (which will be broken before the end of the month anyway) stop me from doing something positive! I might lapse back into old habits again when going to the gym starts to feel like a chore, but here’s a resolution that’s a keeper all year round to enhance student life – Campaigning for change by getting involved with my SU (Students’ Union) – SUARTS!

Just before term ended last year, I was really excited about a new discovery to my student life – my  SU! However I couldn’t hide my disappointment regarding the lack of racial representation to the question on the LCC (London College of Communication) students’ notice board –  “Who represents you?”

One of the qualities about studying in London is being immersed in the capital’s best asset – diversity! LCC’s location in Elephant & Castle and its students from various backgrounds  and cultures highlight London at its best. Yet my Students’ Union doesn’t reflect this. Instead of allowing my frustration to eat me up which will have a negative impact on my student wellbeing, I expressed my interest to get involved. SUARTS President, Shelly Asquith heard my concerns and put me forward to attended the NUS Black Students’ Campaign Winter Conference where I met Mostafa Rajaai, UAL’s Culture & Diversity officer… And that was just the beginning!

My New Year at university is off to a great start (even if my attendance at lectures isn’t) after a meeting with Amy Cook, the Students’ Union Engagement Officer at my campus LCC. I left her office armed with all the information I need to become an active member of my SU. So like someone once said to me; “Be the change you want to see…” – I’ll be putting myself forward as candidate to be elected into my Students’ Union!… I just have to decide which position is most suitable for me. Here are the positions available:

Full-Time Sabbatical positions

President – The Students’ Union President is the main spokesperson for the student body, leading campaigns for positive change across UAL (University of the Arts, London). The President is involved in all ares of Union activity, regularly liaising with the University and external organisations. You contact SUARTS current President; Shelly Asquith click here.

Education Officer – The Education Officer leads the Unions’ academic representation work, responsible for representing the interests of students on academic matters and campaigning for the improvements of the learning experience and standards at UAL. They are the lead role in campaigning on teaching and learning across the University in addition to overseeing the Course Rep scheme across UAL.

Activities & Volunteering Officer – Responsible for the development and progress of the student activities, volunteering programmes, student events, societies and sports clubs. Bringing the fun they champion extra curricular activity, liaise with students involved in activities ensuring that they have a voice representation within the SU and the University.

Culture and Diversity Officer – Championing diversity , lobbying the university on student integration and widening participation.The Culture and Diversity Officer makes sure the needs of the diverse student body are represented, ensuring excellent support is available for all students. Campaigning for equality and for a university where individuality is celebrated and where self-expression is encouraged. To contact SUARTS current Culture and Diversity officer Mustafa Rajaai click here.

Part TIme Volunteer positions

Vice President LCC – The main elected spokesperson for London College of Communication (LCC), working closely with course reps and university staff to make LCC the best it can be for all students. The Vice President attends termly Student-Dean Forums and has regular meetings with College Management and College staff to put forward the views of students and priorities the issues that matter. This could lead to more student lead events and activities, increased opening hours in the Learning Zone, new technical staff or changes in how teaching is organised.

Democracy Scrutiny Committee – DSC is a committee of 8 students who hold the student Elective Committee to account and ensure they are representing students fairly. The DSC also runs its own campaigns and projects to benefit students and their experience at UAL.

Student Trustee – Student Trustees sit on the highest governing board of the SU, overseeing the financial, staffing and governance structures. Sitting alongside the 4 Sabbatical officers plus experienced external trustees. Student Trustees are involved in formal discussions about the future of the SU and its current status.

National Union of Students National Conference Delegate – The annual NUS conference is a national conference of all Students’ Unions. It is an opportunity to hold the national student executive to account, vote in elections for the new executive team and get involved with national student campaigning. This 3-day position is a great opportunity to shape the future of student politics.

If you’re a student at LCC and interested in any of these positions or would like more info, contact Amy Cook by email – She’s super nice and will answer all your questions (or put you in touch with someone who can)! Also find Amy on the SUARTS LCC Blog for more about representing LCC!

I’m going to research a bit more about each position by speak to current representatives before putting myself forward.

Remember – if like me, you’re Educationally Frustrated; BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!

Are you reppin’ your SU?

Finding my voice through my Students' Union

Finding my voice through my Students’ Union


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