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Fashion Fix: Reppin’ SA with TwoBop + BabaTunde in Shoreditch


Afrocentric fashion in London: TwoBop’s 2bop x babatunde collaborative collection cap

I knew South Africa had a movement in the Arts – particularly music and fashion, but seeing evidence of the latter in London’s very own art-trendy Shoreditch makes it more apparent – it’s becoming a global movement!

And I’m all for supporting African arts, but first I have to recognise it. So when I spotted an African print cap at the reception opening of Congo Dialogues exhibition at Rivington Place, this was a fashion statement I needed to know more about!

Sam, a student and musician visiting London from Johannesburg, was representing his very own homegrown fashion wearing a 2bop x babatunde cap – a collaboration between TWOBOP and BABATUNDE brands. You can check out more from the 2bop x babatunde collection here.

Here’s Sam and his friend Nikki and brother Joe at the gallery on thursday night.


Sam reppin’ SA with his Afrocentric fashion piece; TwoBop BabaTunde cap


Bright and Bold: Destinctive African print design 2bop x babatunde collabo


From Jo’burg to LNDN: Joe, Nikki and Sam representing South Africa

I don’t need much convincing that it’s fashion that which will unite Africans across the globe, do you? Check out South African label BabaTunde who’s bold African print designs have gained famous print ambassadors such as Solange Knowles sporting their gear. BabaTunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name which translates to “the father returns“.


Cap it: Solange Knowles in BabaTunde

Afrocentric: Ambassador of the print; Solange Knowles

Afrocentric: Ambassador of the print; Solange Knowles

In 2012 Solange enlisted the help of Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo, better known as the Sapeurs as the theme for her video – Losing You, inspired by Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni’s “Gentlemen of Bacongo“. Solange’s afrocentric wardrobe for the video included Kenzo and Givenchy.

Africa is making a statement in the fashion industry… The prints are here to stay!

Who are some of your Print Ambassadors?… Share your thoughts!

Stay tuned for more related posts coming soon: Guinness ad stars Congo’s Sapeurs, fashionfix: siStars wrapping it up – headwraps that are turning heads.


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