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The n*word: Stop throwing it around like an EFing football! If we don’t respect ourselves neither will the likes of Madonna!


I shouldn’t have been surprised yet I was! The latest celebrity mistake is from non other than the pop icon who I respect and love to bits for her contribution for my love of jumping about singing songs like “like a virgin“, has only gone and lost my respect with her use of the n*word in relation to a picture she posted of her son on Instagram. And as a mother of a black child, adopted or not, I would have expected her to be more sensitive!

I took to twitter to find out more and found this apology in her Instagram page… So I guess that makes things ok, right?


But it doesn’t! Fair enough she apologised. But what Madonna and some ignorant Americans who have this “get over it” attitude, need to understand is that this isn’t about direct racism, it’s about respect!

I might have bought Madonna’s apology like you would her latest single, and brushed off the whole thing as a ‘mistake’, but after justifying her reasons for using the word as a “term of endearment” – hell no she didn’t just go there?! Now, I’m offended!

Imagine if a famous black person called her “white trash” and justified it as a “term of endearment”?! There would be outcry! So if Madonna is so concerned about creating ‘unity’, why doesn’t she work on using that term as endearment first? Yeah, didn’t think so. Madonna should stick to making good music which as been uniting races for decades. Using the n*word is only risking offending her “black” and conscious fans. Was it worth taking such a risk when she pressed “share”? Maybe it was a tacky PR stunt, maybe it was a genuine mistake, who knows?!

I took to Instagram to let Madonna know exactly what I thought of her use of the n*word… Someone needs to learn their history!

Stop throwing the n*word around like its a EFing footbal!




Seriously, if Americans want the n*word incorporated into society as a slang work for all – they should re-evaluate their society and understand why there is so much subtle racism in everyday life long after the fight for civil rights!

Just because Madonna is a famous celebrity it doesn’t mean her actions shouldn’t be questioned – especially if it offends. If even one person gets offended by the use of the n*word, it shouldn’t be used… Certainly not from Madonna.

And just as I’m about to publish this post, another die-hard Madonna fan addresses me to speak out for her… I guess being a million dollar recording artist makes you untouchable – even if you use the n*word and offend some of your own fans… *Sigh!*



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