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Wrap it up like a siStar… My journey with the wrap!


Sketch of me wrapped up by talented artist Olga Lolo from Russia

My journey with the headwrap… I’m hoping to inspire siStars who aren’t afraid to wrap it like it is!

Here’s my year wrapping it up…

Last year I covered the carnival in Salavdor Bahia. Here’s me in the spirit of Carnival Ouro Negro with my head wrap, and blow; with the singers of Os Negoes Bloco. .. My once-in-a-lifetime dream of experiencing carnival in Brazil- ACHIEVED!



Shortly after cutting my hair in April… Finding comfort in the transition with the headwrap on a night out!

Experimenting with wrap styles…


Finding my signature wrap… Quick and easy for busy city girls!





How do you wrap it up? Share your favourite wrap styles!


3 thoughts on “Wrap it up like a siStar… My journey with the wrap!

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