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Wrap it up like a siStar… My journey with the wrap!


Sketch of me wrapped up by talented artist Olga Lolo from Russia

My journey with the headwrap… I’m hoping to inspire¬†siStars who aren’t afraid to wrap it like it is!

Here’s my year wrapping it up…

Last year I covered the carnival in Salavdor Bahia. Here’s me in the spirit of Carnival Ouro Negro with my head wrap, and blow; with the singers of Os Negoes Bloco. .. My once-in-a-lifetime dream of experiencing carnival in Brazil- ACHIEVED!



Shortly after cutting my hair in April… Finding comfort in the transition with the headwrap on a night out!

Experimenting with wrap styles…


Finding my signature wrap… Quick and easy for busy city girls!





How do you wrap it up? Share your favourite wrap styles!

3 thoughts on “Wrap it up like a siStar… My journey with the wrap!

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