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Must read: Down and Out in Paris and London, Orwell


Recommended read from Journalism student, Astrid

Today’s lecture on George Orwell given by Sue Dawson was in preparation for next week’s Contextual Studies seminar discussion; the significance of the journalistic methods and narrative documentary presentation used by Orwell in his autographical work Down and out in Paris and London.

I caught up with 2nd year Journalism student, Astrid Madberg, after the lecture. This is what she had to say on one of the recommended books to read regarding the influence of New Journalism – Down and out in Paris and London

“I’m really enjoying this book. You just feel as though you’re there. It’s sad, funny, and moving… It’s engaging. His life in Paris as a dishwasher… Then he comes back to London and it’s a bit depressing. Maybe that reflects how I feel about London in general.”


Find out what will be discussed at the seminar next week… Stay tuned!

*Part of LCC’s BA Journalism Contextual Studies Year 2 – Journalists at work: theory and practice.

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