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Enjoyed reading my blogs?… Please nominate them for a Blog Camp Ghana Award!

Please nominate my blogs for a Blog Camp Ghana Award! http://wp.me/p48e4z-HD

Please nominate my blogs for a Blog Camp Ghana Award!

Enjoyed reading my blogs? Please support!

Last week I got a message from a blog reader in Ghana saying he’s nominated me for a Blog Camp Ghana Award! So I thought I’d get a momentum going if I am actually to make it to the voting process – I need lots of nominations first!

It’s nice to know my blogs are being read…

“The Awards team will present the list of top nomination under each category and open the voting process. Please note that the Social Media Awards are for bloggers of Ghanaian origin or foreign bloggers with Ghanaian content.” 

Well, I fit the bill! To nominate my blogs for a Blog Camp Ghana Award click here!
There are various categories which would suite either of my blogs; Travel Making Kai www.travelmakerkai.com and my NEW blog The Educationally Frustrated Student www.theefedstudent.wordpress.com

Other social media categories I would be suitable for include Twitter@makingkai and Instagramtravelmakerkai

Check them out and please nominate me! Let me know once you do. Hurry, nominations end 6th Feb 2014!


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