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The inBox: A Gratudate Student’s Story from Prospects

A graduate student’s story from Prospects, the UK’s official graduate careers website. Megan explains how a change of attitude kick-started her career.

Megan Jones recently landed her first graduate job after graduating from Swansea University with an MA in Creative Writing.

Almost a year ago I was feeling very frustrated. I had just graduated from my MA and was trying desperately to get onto the career ladder. But in spite of my best efforts I was getting nowhere, and was beginning to feel that my investment in education had been a complete waste of time and money.

Then it happened. After receiving yet another rejection email, I threw in the towel. If no one could see what I had to offer then they could shove it. I proceeded to spend the next week sulking around the house, convinced that I was going to be a barmaid for the rest of my life.

Eventually it dawned on me that the only person who could get me where I wanted to be was me. My self-pity was replaced with determination, and I set myself on course to land my first graduate job.

Taking constructive criticism on board
Armed with fresh perspective and a fighting spirit, I re-read my collection of rejection emails. It soon became clear what was holding me back; I just didn’t have enough experience. While I was reluctant to admit it, it was clear that I was falling short of the competition and needed to do something about it.
Pushing all frustrations about underpaid interns to the back of my mind, I breathed a sigh of relief. I had found my starting point. If I got some more experience under my belt and gave the recruiters what they were looking for, then maybe – just maybe – they would consider me.

Thinking outside the box
All I had to do now was find a company willing to take me on. Feeling optimistic, I sent off several emails to nearby companies offering up my time in return for some much needed experience. Yet I barely got a nibble of interest. I think only one company got in touch, and even then it was more of a ‘we’ll let you know’ response rather than anything of real consequence.

Read the rest of Megan’s story on the Prospects blog. Click here.

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