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The inBox: SUARTS President tumblr announces Liberation Officers


Great news in!

University of the Arts London Students’ Union (SUARTS) president, Shelly Asquith has announced the re-introduction of Liberation Officers! UAL removed Liberation Officer roles years ago, apparently due to lack of engagement from students.

Liberation Officers work to ensure that the voices of minority groups are heard on campus. The SU (Students’ Union) Exec’s decision to introduce Liberation Officer roles next election is a leap towards getting more students involved with their SU by providing a platform for under-represented students to have their voices heard – a change I’m passionate about!

I was invited to sit in at the influential meeting last Thursday 16th January with my SU Execs and external guest speakers who spoke passionately about their Liberation Officer roles, both full and part-time. Their passion and advice no doubt swayed SUARTS to stay ahead with other local and national SU’s by having Liberation Officers at UAL.

This picture represents SUARTS history makers – The re-introduction of Liberation Officers starting next year 2015/2016!

And I’m part of SUARTS history! There’s me on the far left, next to Barbara Ntumy who I met at the NUS Black Students Winter Conference 🙂

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