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Get the taste: Cassava Vegan Cakes



If you’ve ever had any pity for anyone undergoing a vegan diet, you might want to take back those thoughts!

With the wide range of desserts at Cassava – Vegan Creole Food, available at the Mella Center on Oxford street, you can experience the sweeter side of veganism!

So if you’re ever in London’s iconic Westend, come to the Mella Center on Oxford Street, and  stop by to meet Paul to try the artisan cakes his wife bakes. They are guilt-free as they’re vegan and made from organic wheat milled locally in Perry Court Farm, Kent.

£4 will get you a generous loaf of chocolate marble  cake, perfect for sharing with friends. And that’s exactly what I intend to do at this coming Black Cinema Club Friday Film night at the Mella… So if I get there and my favourite load is sold out, I know who the culprits are!

Paul did however inform me that their best seller is the Banana Loaf, and I’m not surprised after trying the Banana and chocolate slice the other day… Delicious!

But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and try yourself… Treat yourself, you deserve it surely!


Paul at his Cassava Artisan Food store, at the Mella Canter









What cakes are making your mouth water?… Save me a slice!

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