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The inBox: Unmissable Error – even big company names make mistakes!


Whether I’m writing a blog post , updating my Facebook status or writing an all important email; there’s always that lingering fear in the back of my head that I could accidentally press the send before I intend to… Ever felt it?… Ever had it actually happen?

Well it happens to me all the time with blogging;  I notice that spelling mistake laughing back at me just after I’ve pressed send! The other day I tried to schedule my Monday Morning Motivation picture to be posted bright and early for the start of the week, but ended up posting it on Sunday afternoon… The damage was already done. My subscribers eating their Sunday roast must have thought; “what is she on?”

It happens!

But it’s never more refreshing when it also happens to big company names – an error sent out to thousands of subscribers by mistake (they are human too – yay)! Avois recently did just that announcing their Unmissable Sale, when in fact their sale had just ended (there was nothing suiting my student budget anyway)! Whereas my errors usually just involves clicking edit to fix the damage, hopefully before anyone has noticed, Avios had to send out a message of apology and claim to ‘investigate’ it… Your PR team clicked the wrong button – what’s there to investigate?!

So next time you cringe because I’ve spotted a spelling mistake in your post after pressing send, or scheduled a post for the wrong day (TGIF Inspiration for sunday morning!), remember Avios’ Unmissable error!

It happens!


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