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iSee: Juggling the Sinai desert

Miriam juggles in Sinai

Miriam juggles in Sinai

Earlier this week, I heard the news about 4 Korean tourists who died when a bomb on a bus exploded in Taba just 50km from the Israel border of Eilat.

Just over a month ago I was in Taba Egypt taking that same road the bus exploded on –  3 times! This makes me think how we can’t take life for granted. For us, myself and Miriam – my travel buddy who I met in Tel Aviv, Sinai was a journey of self-reflection and gratitude towards our wonderful universe. For others, it’s a dangerous territory of terror.

I’m recollecting on some of the simple moments where I had not a worry in the world… Just at one with the sea, the mountains, the desert and new friends I was surrounded by.

Miriam entertains us with her circus joggling tricks during our visit to the Sinai desert for New Year… I had a go and let’s just say, I’ll stick to things I’m actually good at!

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