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iSee: Thinking outside the box for Fundraising… The Sankofa Box


Sankofa Box: Inspired by the event Educate a Child, Educate a Society

Last week I attended the Educate a Girl, Educate a Society event in Westminster aimed to explore ways of supporting Ethiopian girls to enter and stay in education. The event brought together a varied mix of people from different backgrounds, however what we did have in common was an interest in education amongst girls, particularly in Africa and it’s diaspora.

I was intrigued by the talk Mayoress Awula Serwah gave about Diaspora Remittance and the ideas that came out of the fundraising workshop. So much so, even after i got home that night I couldn’t stop thinking about ways I could do my part to help… Me – a student who is just about surviving on minimum funds, trying to help children back home?

I barely get by myself at home let alone for charity! Maybe I’m trying too hard to play the role of the good Samaritan…

And just as I was making myself a calming cup of tea with the last tea bag, the idea came to me – I had to think outside the box… I was holding one in my hand! What if I used the empty tea box in a creative way to make a product I can sell to raise funds? The proceeds could go to charity and voila! – I’ve made a contribution towards helping children back home AND the environment (by recycling the boxes), all from the comfort of my home here in London!

But that’s not all. I had to think outside the box of fundraising also… What if children were to get involved in fundraising in a fun way for their “brothers and sisters” back home by helping to make and decorate these boxes which will be wrapped in African Print material?…

The Sankofa Box

sankofa birdAnd that’s how I came up with the idea for the Sankofa Box! Sankofa is a Ghanaian Adinkra often symbolised as a bird with its head reaching back or a decorative heart shape. The word is derived from the Akan words ‘San‘ (return), ‘Ko‘ (go), and ‘Fa‘ (look, seek and take) – “return to reclaim it“. I choose to call the boxes “Sankofa Boxes” because in this the context of the crafts workshops for children we will be learning about Africa and its history also. I will be organising fundraising crafts workshops for children to decorate the boxes and learn something about each of the African countries we will be donating the funds to. This is a great way to get children involved in fundraising and doing something for their “brothers and sisters” back home. I’ll have more details once the workshops are officially up and running.

But in the mean time you can still get your hands on a Sankofa box! I’m delighted to be invited to try out my workshops with children this saturday 1st Febuary, at the fundraiser event for the Harrow Mayor’s charities: Flash Musicals and Harrow Community Choir. Please come and support this event and buy your first Sankofa box! Looking forward to seeing you there!

A Sankofa Box and matching pen... Handmade by me! Buy yours soon!

iSee – iPhone pictre of A Sankofa Box and matching pen… Handmade by me! Buy yours soon!

Inter-generational, Family Fun Evening @ Harrow Civic Centre 1

When: Saturday 1st February, 5.00pm-8.00pm

Where: Members Lounge, Harrow Civic Centre 1, Station Road, HA1 2XY (Harrow & Weadstone; or Harrow On The Hill then buses 140; 182; 186; 258; 340)

Cost: ยฃ5 per person (includes a light meal)
Stalls available (ยฃ10)

To book:

Bring your family, friends, school, organisation or project along!!!

Host: Harrow Mayor Cllr Nana Asante
Organiser: Harrow Mayoress Awula Serwah
For more information:

If you’d like to buy a Sankofa box, or have your child decorate one, please contact me directly as I will only have a limited number at the event.

Stay tuned to find out which charity the money from the first workshop will be donated to once I get it up and running officially… I’m proud to announce the first will be a charity for children in Ethiopia, in honour of the inspiration I gained for Educated a Girl, Educate a Society event.


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