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Student Life: A minute with 3rd Year BA Journalism Student Laure Fourquet


Making headlines: Laure’s article makes it to the front page of Arts London News paper

With so much to do – so much to say – and so little time, I managed to catch up with final year BA Journalism student from France, Laure Fourquet (who I’m flattered is a fan of my blog) for a brief chat about writing for ALN, the pressures of being a 3rd year student AND her plans for life after the course (freedom!)

All in 60 seconds… But who’s clock watching anyway?!

“Art London News… For the first term I was a news reporter and I was essentially covering the national students’ affairs. So I interviewed MPs, people from the European Commissions, I tried to write about the issues and the new laws that affect students. It was fairly interesting. And now I’m one of the news editors and it’s a lot of work!.. But it is great experience. Also I’m realising that I want to be a journalist so now I’m more then ever, looking forward to writing rather than telling people what to do. I still have a lot to learn as a writer… As a journalist.”

So what’s next?

“I’m hoping to do a Masters in International Affairs and specialise in Humanitarian Action, to be able to understand the politics. I see journalism as a tool and I want to work under content. Journalism can be very powerful but then you need to be able to understand it –  to master your subject… So, that’s what I want to do for a year or two. If I don’t get any of the Masters I’m applying for I’m just gonna go somewhere and work as a freelance. BUT, hopefully that’s not going to happen. Or if it happens – every thing happens for a reason don’t it? So yeah, very much looking forward to the future!”

Ok, I’ll confess, my catch up I had with Laure in the LCC News Room was a lot longer than a minute… This is a young journalist who has her aims high, and after her question yesterday regarding the Snowden affair thrown at  Richard Tofel, President of New York based ProPublica, I don’t doubt she’ll make it as a great journalist.

Keep an eye on the One World Media website for the event video “How do you measure the impact of journalism in 2014?” which was filmed and streamed live last night at Westminster University. The event was organised by One World Media which hosted  Richard Tofel, President of New York based ProPublica, as the speaker London on Monday 27th January… You might hear Laure’s fiery question addressed to Richard Tofel which had the audience intrigued!

Follow Laure and ALN on twitter @LaureFourquet @ArtsLdnNews

ALN: written by 3rd Year Journalism students

ALN: written by 3rd Year Journalism students

Have you got a minute to spare for a catch up? Contact me!

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