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Elections are on @UAL!

It’s that time of year… You can make a difference… And BE that difference!

Nominate yourself - represent other students!

Nominate yourself – represent other students!

Nominate yourself to a LEADER!

If you study at University of the Arts London, click here to find out more about nominations on the SUARTS website click here.

*SUARTS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of students at UAL, providing them with fun activities, creative opportunities, advice, support and representation at University, local and national level. We work for students and are – most importantly – led by students. Would you like to work with us, shape what we do and lead us in our work across UAL’s amazing colleges? Then run for an elected officer role!

Have you ever been part of your Students’ Union? Whatever the university, whichever the country, why not inspire others by sharing your story? Contact me 🙂

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