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Midweek Morning Motivation: Mistakes


Mistakes are proof that you’re trying… Just make sure you learn from them to better yourself.

Good morning! What have you got planned for today?

2 thoughts on “Midweek Morning Motivation: Mistakes

  1. I love my mistakes – – I embrace them as the map or directions on what to do (or not to do) or how to proceed (or again, not to proceed) next! We’d be nowhere without our mistakes. I hope I said that enthusiastically enough to talk myself into believing….lol. Thanks again for your drop-in and hope you visit me some more. I think you’re on to something asking people what they have planned for today or some other interactive question. Tonight, I plan to sleep, however I should probably consult with my insomnia and see what she’s got planned. Oy!

    Take care,
    ps. It’s a beautifully varied, vivid blog!

    • Stephanie! Hope insomnia didn’t keep you up all night… I believe it was busy having an affair with me! Thanks for your comments and kind words… Mistakes – oh I know about them too well – even down to pressing the wrong button and publishing a draft post send to all my subscribers lol!

      The weekend’s almost here so look out for my TGIF Inspiration quote!
      Thank you!

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