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The inBox:Coffee and Cream Career Clinic (31 Jan 2014)

Straight out of my inbox to you from WhatTheJobIsThis

Whatthejobisthis event

Whathejobisthis – “Take advantage of our career clinic with a FREE 30 min introduction. Ask us anything on your Career Dilemma. If a job is only temporary, and you want to do something more fulfilling and meaningful, then we have the formula for you. When you were a little boy or girl you were full of creativity and a natural ability to make things happen. Now in the grown up world you feel out of…”

To attend click here. This event is organised by  career-transition advisor and founder of Whatthejobisthis, Mathy Lisika-Minsende. @whathejobisthis

This is a great opportunity for students and postgraduates to consider career prospects… Remember, you can’t just rely on a BA to Build A career for yourself!

Look out for my interview with Mathy about students getting on the career ladder, coming soon… You won’t want to miss this one!


2 thoughts on “The inBox:Coffee and Cream Career Clinic (31 Jan 2014)

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