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Black Students’ Representation – It’s not just a Black issue, but a Human issue.

Black Students' Represent

Black Students’ Represent: Barbara Ntumy

“There are moments when you feel like your voice isn’t being heard and that the people who represent you don’t necessarily look like you or understand your issues…

So you can be the change you want to see and nominate yourself for the SU elections. By doing so you open a dialogue, you break down barriers and you keep the door open.

It’s important to have back representation because by doing that, things stop becoming just a black issue but a human issue.”

– Barbara Ntumy: NUS Black Students Campaign Committee, NUS Women’s Campaign Committee. Former SU President Sheffield College. Follow Barbara on twitter @mizzbabzzy 

NUS Black Students' Campaign: Operation Black Vote

NUS Black Students’ Campaign: Operation Black Vote

Barbara has kindly shared her words of wisdom which will hopefully encourage Black and other under-represented students to get involved with their Student Union (SU) by nominating themselves for a position…

Lets get the door open… 

UAL students – nominations are open now! Click here to find out more!

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