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iSee: Down Charlotte Street to Peru, the taste of Lima in W1

All the colours of South America... Dining at Lima, Fitrovia W1

All the colours of South America… Dining at Lima, Fitrovia W1

Everything on the menu sounded inviting as we stood outside Lima, mentally debating which of the many good restaurants on Charlotte Street was worthy of our custom for the much awaited catch up between me and my good friend and mentor, Gerry Haag.

However just to be sure we weren’t missing out on something else new and as intriguing, we strolled down the street further. Charlotte Street has been one of my favourite off-the-beaten tracks in Westend since I’ve lived in Central London for over 10 years. Located in Fitzrovia just a stone-throws away from Tottenham court road and Goodge Street Station, it is a cleaner slate north of its iconic counterpart Soho.

Within 5 minutes we were back outside Lima, confirming from the menu and the ambiance visible from its façade that this was were we could sit and catch up with good food to fuel us.

Lima has received 4 accolades which include 1 Michelin Star and Best new Restaurant. I was unaware of the high status of this restaurant until I looked it up this morning. And that speaks volumes – the food (and drink; those Pisco Cocktails took me right back to Chile), spoke for itself. Beautifully presented contemporary Peruvian cuisine without losing the essence of flavour.

A taste of Lima from Charlotte Street, W1…

Scallop Tiradito


Sea Bream Ceviche

Salmon “hot ceviche”

Hake “plancha”


Cool Surf Dude!

A colourful night out with Gerry @Lima

I’ll admit, this restaurant isn’t in the average price budget for a student – it’s £££. But for good quality food and a taste of South America without the airfare price tag,  it was worth the compromise to perhaps miss out on eating out this week, just to savour good quality Michelin Star food!

Great food & drink with great company and pleasant staff… You might want to pop over for a stroll on Charlotte street to visit Lima

020 7768 0267

31 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1JH


Do you know of any restaurants worthy of a Michelin Star? Do share!

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