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Fashion Fix: What’s in Primark?!


I popped into Primark on Oxford Street nice and early this morning to avoid its crowd of shoppers – I was only after some some socks after all! But as usual bad habits die hard and I walked out with a bag full of goodies!

My love-hate relationship with shopping at Primark continues! Here’s what I saw, and what I saw, and what I bought…

iSee Fashion:

Like a with music containing Explicit Content, give warning if you’re Parental Advisory with this jumper.

Am I the only one that thinks Jellies should stay in the 90’s? Flashback to my Primary School Daze. I had a pair just like these!


Isn’t he lovely? I’m a sucker for cute dogs an that’s why this Door Stop has found it’s way into my home…


Clean sheets: I’m a sucker for bedding! You can never have too many Couchsurf guests or friends staying. Clean sheets are a must!


On the sale rack: I’ll probably never wear them but my cousins in Ghana love it when I come armed with clothes from “abrochi” (abroad) for them. They can look forward to these cute tea dresses!


So there you have it! If you think you can pop into Primark for just a pair of socks – you’d better leave your credit card at home to be very sure!


3 thoughts on “Fashion Fix: What’s in Primark?!

  1. Ha haaa! Those jelly-sandal-thingis; for luck of a better description, were a nightmare for me as a child. Imagine walking around in those plasticky shoes in the heat of the African sun. In addition to that, I think they’re just plain ugly (& that’s what I thought of them as a kid). I hope they don’t become a ‘fashion fad’ this summer. Agh!

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