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The iWish list: my perfect sofa… A student can dream after all!


I’m not one for writing lists. I ought to though. Like a weekly shopping list for example, so that I don’t continue to walk into my local Tesco and buy everything else besides what I went in for!

The lists I should write go beyond a food-shopping list however. There are to do lists, what I want from life
where I see myself in the next year, 5 years and 10 years time lists.

None get written by me on paper. Only in my head!

So with the help of the iPhone, I came up with a way to make a list of things I want in life when I see it. Literally capturing the moment!

The iWish list – things/people I can capture with my phone that I wish to have/be like (because even I don’t wish to be anyone but a better me), when I complete my studies and start working full-time in my chosen career. Hopefully this visual compilation of iWishes will motivate me to work hard to have my comforts AND skilful traits in life.

So the first item in my wish list (by no means the most important), is this sofa I saw in SofaWorks in Brent Cross. I love this modern adaptation of the chaise long. It looks comfy and the colour is adaptable to fit my current living room space… But at ยฃ1,000 for the sofa and stool, it would set me back on my student budget for quite a while. So I’d rather put it on my iWish list and affirm that one day I’ll be earning enough money that spending ยฃ1,000 on a good quality sofa wouldn’t set my bank balance back!

My affirmation: “I will study heard so I can get my perfect sofa when I get a great PAYING job as a journalist.. I will become a successful journalist and write successful, inspirational, and truthful stories from my perfect sofa. I will create wonderful memories when I entertain family and friends around my perfect sofa.

Do you believe in the power of affirmation? Why not affirm something positive today!



Checkout the other categories my iPhone has inspired: iEat&Drink – food snaps I capture and iSee – anything I see lucky enough to be captured!


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