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10 years of Facebook!… A glance back 10 years ago through my photo book…

distorted reflections

10 years ago I didn’t even own a digital camera. I remember taking my rolls of film to be developed at my local pharmacy – something I wouldn’t think twice about having to do these days.

Neither did I have many social media accounts unless MSN and an email address count!

Wow! Facebook is 10 years today!

Can you remember your 10th birthday? Where you were? How you felt? What you hoped for?

If you’re over 25 years I don’t expect you to remember that far back – I certainly don’t!

10 years is a long time. For many people my age group, they might remember the last 10 year span as a period when they had children, focused on a career, had a steady partner, got married, were married – the list is endless. But my 10 year span?

Being a student! On and off, but still, mostly on!

Sometimes I think I haven’t come very far in my life because I’m still a student – in almost the same conditions as I was student back when I was 18. Nothing majorly significant has happened in my life since those confusing (but fun) days; no fiancĂ©, no marriage, no children, no big promotion – nothing (!). So I often question; what exactly am I doing with my life?

But today, none of that soppy stuff! It’s time for celebration!

However instead of wracking my brain to try to remember where I was on my 10th birthday (which I am now having a mental debate about if the flashbacks I’m suddenly getting are for my 10th or 12th), I thought I’d instead use this opportunity to pay homage to the me 10 years ago, something I don’t do often enough. To thank the old me for getting me this far (and keeping me alive). After all, I wouldn’t think twice about thanking my ancestors who guide me. So why not the young me who brought me to where I am today – in one piece?!

10 years ago, aged of 18 would have already left home and moved into the dynamic fast-pace setting of Soho, while continuing with my studies of wanting to become an actress, dancer, writer and/or a photographer. I was ambitious in my own way, just scared of failure. And ironically the academic system hasn’t thought twice to let know I failed, quite literally – twice!

Make peace with you past

So on this landmark year for Facebook turning 10, I want to make peace with that younger me from 10 years ago with all her troubles and insecurities – mentally and physically which this present me still hasn’t fully washed away.

I salute you younger me!

Who stayed out of trouble despite the temptation thrown her way. So what it takes me a little longer to get to where I want to be – being a student 10 years on isn’t the worst thing that could have happened to me surely?… Can you think of worse things?

Here’s to paying homage to the younger me that was hurting inside but still showed much strength, bravery and determination – and the signature “I’ll be fine.” smile. The younger me who might have gone off her rightful path for a while, but never swayed too far away from it.

You did good!… Considering!

I have lots more #fashback photos from 10 years ago; Miss Ghana UK, my modelling days trained by Award winning Catwalk Professor – before he was famous… But I’ll only post them up if I get a positive response. There’s no point in me sharing all this personal stuff if no-one is really interested… So let me know!

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