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#OBSR 1: Make Black history in your Students’ Union and run in elections!

Operation Black Students' Representation

Part of NUS Black Student Campaign “Operation: Black Students’ Representation” election special by NUS BSC president; Aaron Kiely

Black Students' Representation20% of all students are *Black, and great strides have been made to increase Black representation –with figures from the NUS Officer Diversity Survey 2012/13 showing that around 17% of elected Officers are Black students. This is a clear testament to the hard work of the Black Students’ Campaign, but we cannot be complacent – we must continue to drive forward.

The case for Black representation has not yet been won everywhere, which is why as a national campaign we focus on increasing the engagement of Black students inside their own unions. When Black students are able to participate, the wide range of issues and difficulties that Black students face can be brought to the surface and challenged.

Without strong representation Black students who already face barriers are left out on the fringe of the student movement, can be isolated and subsequently education and welfare can suffer immensely.

Make Black history in your Students’ Union and run in elections!
The Black Students’ Campaign has produced helpful materials and offers a wide range of support and advice to Black students who are running in their Students’ Union elections.

You can download our Operation: Black Students’ Representation briefing here: which provides handy tips and advice on how to stand and win in elections.

For further advice and support feel free to contact us through this form where we will get back to you:

Keep up to date with the NUS Black Students’ Campaign Facebook page.

Get in touch with Aaron and the NUS Black Students’ Campaign committee

Twitter: @nusBSC
e-update list:
Facebook: NUS Connect:

*Black is a political term inclusive of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean.

Lookout for the next post with another of Aaron’s key points #2 – Black Students’ Officer In Every Union.

Please support by retweeting #OBSR tweets for our role models to tweet words of encouragement to black students to run for elections!

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