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In the discussion kitchen with the EFed Student: Adopting the posh ‘white’ accent!

My kitchen has a tradition for being the gathering place for discussion in my home. So I thought I’d start a new vlog series where I invite special guests into my home – into my kitchen, for their input on issues the EFed Student faces during the week.

My first guest for ‘In the kitchen with the EFed Student‘ is Jerry The HuMan – a vlogger and marketer by profession, joined me earlier today in my kitchen for a natter (cockney slang for chat).

We cooked up a discussion about my accent getting ‘posher’ when I’m in important meetings with white people… 

On thursday I was invited by my College Engagement co-ordinator Amy Cook, to attend a meeting with the Committee members responsible for Learning and Teaching Enhancement at London College of Communication (LCC).

This would be my chance to voice my concerns regarding being an ‘educationally frustrated student‘!… And thankfully I did just that! Except, as I spoke in the board room full predominately of middle-aged men who seemed very keen to hear the experiences of students LCC from just two students in the room and SUARTS President Shelly Asquith, I could hardly recognise my own voice! I was morphing into some posh girl who could have been from Oxford or Cambridge! But I’m from the endz – born and bred South Londoner with an upbringing in North West!


I posted my observation on Facebook, and from the response I got from friends and family, I decided to take it to the discussion kitchen…  Adopting a posher accent!

Does this ever happen to you?… Let me know what you think!

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