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#OBSR 4: ‘I Will… Lead the Way’ – #SheShouldStand

Operation Black Students' Representation

Part of NUS Black Student Campaign “Operation: Black Students’ Representation” election special by NUS BSC president; Aaron Kiely… #OBSR 4: ‘I Will… Lead the Way’ – #SheShouldStand

We ALL Can Do It!NUS is excited to announce the launch of the ‘I Will… Lead the Way’ women’s leadership development programme which seeks to increase the number of women in elected leadership positions within the student movement.

This programme will provide training, coaching, sponsorship and networking opportunities for women who are intending to stand for election or who are already elected and are considering standing for the position of president in their students’ union. We are looking for women who would like to be coaches for other women or who would like to be coached as they are intending to stand for election.
We also are very keen to recruit intersectional women students who are intending to stand for elections (i.e. LGBT, Disabled, and Black women) and there will be a reserved number of spaces on the programme for them.

Find out more here:

Contact your Students’ Union to find out when your elections are happening and run!

I’m so excited about this programme and being an active part of the nusBSC- if you are too, get in touch with Aaron and the NUS Black Students’ Campaign committee;

Twitter: @nusBSC
e-update list:

NUS Connect:

*Black is a political term inclusive of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean.

Lookout for the next post with another of Aaron’s key points #5 – Protest and ‘dept in’ – #StopTheSellOff

Please support by retweeting #OBSR tweets for our role models to tweet words of encouragement to black students to run for elections!

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