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#OBSR 7: LGBT History Month

Operation Black Students' Representation

Part of NUS Black Student Campaign “Operation: Black Students’ Representation” election special by NUS BSC president; Aaron Kiely… #OBSR 7: LGBT History Month

20140209-002857.jpgFebruary marks LGBT History Month and we want to congratulate UK Black Pride and all our brothers and sisters who tirelessly campaign for the Black LGBT community, by taking on racism, homophobia and transphobia for all of their hard work.
You can find out more about the award-winning UK Black Pride by visiting their website: Other Black LGBT organisations include and

Let’s also take the opportunity to celebrate the great contributions that Black LGBT people have made to the struggle for equality. Audre Lorde. Simon Nkoli. James Baldwin. Tracy Chapman. Linda Bellos. Angela Davis. Margaret Cho…and many more!

For more information check out:
Have a fantastic LGBT History Month!
In unity and pride,
Aaron Kiely NUS Black Students’ Officer

Get in touch with Aaron and the NUS Black Students’ Campaign committee;

Twitter: @nusBSC
e-update list:

NUS Connect:

*Black is a political term inclusive of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean.

It’s not too late to nominate yourself to run for Students Union (SU) elections! UAL nominations end on the 10th Feb – tomorrow! NOMINATE YOURSELF TODAY and GET YOU VOICE HEARD!

This is the last of the points Aaron Kiely has to share from his elections special of Operation Black Students’ Representation. I hope you’ve been inspired as much as I have. Thanks Aaron and the nusBSC committee!

Please support by retweeting #OBSR tweets for our role models to tweet words of encouragement to black students to run for elections!

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