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RIP Stuart Hall… A great cultural theorist

The Telegraph: Stuart Hall - obituary

The Telegraph: Stuart Hall – obituary

During the first year of my journalism degree course, one if the first essays I wrote questioned; “What is journalism? To what extent is it peculiar to modern societies?

I couldn’t have explored such a question without coming across the works of Stuart Hall to understand the defining features of modern society; the political, the economic, the social and the cultural. I even bought the text-book “Modernity: An Introduction to Modern Societies” so I could have it in my personal library and refer to whenever need be.

Stuart McPhail Hall – born in Jamaica on the 3 February 1932. He was a professor, multi-cultural theorist and campaigner – died today, the 10th February 2014 at the age of 82.

The Telegraph and The Guardian have both written detailed articles online.

The colourful image for this blog; The Educationally Frustrated Student, is a selfie with the text-book on Modernity edited by Hall et al covering half of my face. I wanted to make a political statement that was simple and straight to the point!

The EFed student... On less I'm the change I want to see!

The EFed student… On less I’m the change I want to see!

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