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The reality of stop and search Twitter debate


Those words took me off guard for a second when I distracted myself away from my uni assignment to check out the twitter notification sent to my phone regarding my stop and search blog post.

How patronising!

Incorrect means false – no truth. So who was this tweeter with the authority to dismiss a quote Taryn Nixon gave about the reality of stop and search on our streets – despite what the Law might state?

My blog post article Young, Gifted and… Suspicious? Why are young black men a target for police stop and search? gained significant momentum from retweets over weekend since I wrote it a week ago. I took this to mean this it a subject people are interested in – it’s still very current.

However it wasn’t a retweet that kept me away from my university work at 1am in the morning. Little did I know the tweet from @j0annepsi stating the words of Taryn Nixon, who recently researched into the reality of stop, as “Incorrect” would turn into a 2 against 1 debate between myself, @j0annepsi and @Peter_Kirkham joining in to the defence to the police.

Here are some of the tweets. Unfortunately I’m not very twitter-debate savvy so I missed responding to a few other tweets like;

Deferring from the main subject about BLACK MEN is quite typical!

For more on stop and search visit, also follow activisit @LeeJasper; Co Chair of BARAC & National Black Members Officer for @UKRespectParty

We have to be the change we want to see, because there are people who will defend laws which CLEARLY need reform! It’s interesting that @j0annepsi later adds; “I am actually a minority ethnic myself…” It’s not about you @j0annepsi! It’s about young, black males in my community who are treated unfairly and don’t bother to speak out about it because there are people standing by to dismiss what they have to say!

Let me know your thoughts on here or on tweeter @makingkai! Tnx


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