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Wahaca! Real Mexican in Soho!

A couple of weekends ago I indulged an old friend to a meal at Wahaca Mexican street food eatery in Soho as ‘thank you’ treat for helping me out when I most needed it – I’m nice like that 🙂

And even though I courteously said he could order anything on the menu – I really didn’t mean everything!

The brother knew I was getting the bill so he ordered for two even though I chose to rather drink my calories – the cocktails sounded pleasantly inviting at 11pm!

I have to admit the dishes looked delish when they arrived… But I’ve learnt my lesson for next time though – if I’m footing the bill, I really ought to have the appetite to indulge too! To add chilli to the mix, this friend I treated was out of the restaurant before the bill even arrived… There’s no sympathy for students these days!

Thankfully that chilling scenario didn’t leave a burning taste in my mouth because shortly after, I hosted amazing couchsurfers from Mexico – Miguel and his sister Rebecca. I had the last laugh when they presented me with a gift; a traditional doll from Oaxaca (Wahaca) Mexico!

Miguel and Rebecca left London this morning after visiting for 5 nights. During their stay ‘couchsuring’ in my living room, they treated me to a simple but delicious Mexican tapas – mashed beans layered on sliced baguette, topped with fried chorizo, cheese and tangy chilli salsa for those flavours to dance together… I had to have seconds. Delicioso!

Now that’s how you do Mexican in Soho… Otherwise Wahaca is a close second!

Gracias amigos!


Have you had any interesting couchsurfing experiences? Please share!


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