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Green Week – LCC on sustainable living


“Students want to get more actively involved in working towards a sustainable future, according to a new survey conducted by the National Union of Students (NUS).” Jessica Murray, wrote for Arts London News.

And it seems that the topic of sustainable living isn’t just a concern for students – course leaders are incorporating the topic into the class room. The evidence is most visual from the works of 1st year BA Spatical Design students at London College of Communication (LCC).

I was Invited by Silvia Grimaldi Senior Lecturer in Design, to view the works of the students who displayed their ideas for a new sustainable project in the LCC library yesterday afternoon. This is what Silvia had to say about the project;

The project is part of a larger project financed by the college. 1st year BA Spatical Design students are designing a station area of the library dedicated to sustainability. It will also double as a mobile sustainability library to be used for events and talks.The winning project/s will be judged by library staff and BA Spatical tutors and work will commence over the summer. From September there will be a number of talks which will take place in the mobile library to show the speakers own inspiration.

I took the opportunity to speak to a few of the students who were still at the first stages of their projects, but beaming with ideas!

Priyansha Jain, International student from India

Since the books related to sustainable living are quite dispersed in the library, my idea is to create an additional space to keep these books together. I have designed book storage in the shape of bins. The ceiling will be covered with recycled materials and the floor will be a glass mirror to reflect this. The space should make you reflect on how you throw away things that you could easily reuse.

Sebastiano Campoccia, EU student from Italy

My project is called: ECO MO LIB. I want to create a close feeling with nature within the LCC library. Nature is one of the key elements related to Eco products, design development, environment – everything. I’m using wood and one side of the unit will be covered in moss paint… I have the receipe – moss, butter, water and sugar!

Joy Williams, Home student of St. Lucian heritage

My idea for the project is an allotment inspired space made using recycled wood. I found this piece of wood this morning on my way to uni. There’s a lot of materials lying around that you wouldn’t think to reuse. I’ve got lots of feedback from other students today.

And Jack, an Arts Foundation student, was very vocal about his disapproval of the entire project.

I don’t see how it’s sustainable if you’re going to replace something that’s already functional. What’s going to happen to all the chairs and tables here? If it’s going to waste then it defeats the purpose of being ‘sustainable’. I think London is a very unsustainable city – it’s changing constantly and there’s a fashion to keep up… If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

Good luck to all the students working on this project! I enjoyed seeing the works of other students in my college… It made me wish that I had chosen a more creative BA course… Ah, but Journalism works for me!

Green Week continues until 14th February. But remember, sustainability living isn’t for just a week, it’s a lifestyle.

Have you booked your place for Green Week / The Sustainable Body Playshops?

Green Week at UAL

Green Week at UAL

Are you a student with an interesting project to share? Let me know – contact me here!

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